“The Social Club has transformed my use of Instagram. I am able to convert sales and also live a more peaceful life because Brooke has taught me that IG is not about me. I also love that the learning is bite-sized.

I get really busy and having the weekly training videos so succinct, keeping me updated on this powerful tool, allows me to focus my attention on the other, more vital, parts of my business. My results have been crazy, one of my reels went viral with 1.1 million views and brought in 4000 new followers to my account”


“OMG what can I say. Well I would not be where I am without the Social Club Community. Keeps me up to date on all the latest Instagram news which saves me so much time researching.

Love the weekly emails and online lessons. It is very lifestyle friendly and the lessons are short so even just catching an hour at night to do is very manageable. Being a premium member it is great all lessons are saved in the vault to go back to.

I am lucky enough to be in Perth and can attend events which I LOVE!! I attend these events solo and things are made super easy to network with everyone. I have met so many lovely like minded people I still keep in touch with outside of the events. If you are thinking of joining I have to say you will not regret 💕”


“I have been a member of the Social Club community for over 6 years and I can honestly say I still get amazing value from my membership. Whether it’s the weekly email, the guest expert masterclasses or the monthly coaching call, I am always gleaning nuggets of gold which help me to up my Insta and Business game and grow my businesses. 

The lessons are relevant and easy to understand and the fact that the whole team are just a pleasure to deal with is the icing on the cake. If you want to make sales and grow your audience on Instagram you NEED the Social Club Community!”

@blacklashmakeupperth & @theliplabperth

“I appreciate you, the Social Club and all the hard work you put in for us every week.

I’ve just had my biggest month is sales EVER, I’m so over the moon and excited and it’s all thanks to you and your amazing guidance!!!”


“Being a part of the Social Club Community is so valuable! Navigating the Instagram world is a wild and wonderful ride, made much easier (and WAYYY more fun!!) with the Social Club behind you for the ride.
Brooke’s enthusiasm for insta and her humorous approaching to teaching is THE best. PLUS!!!! The events are such a vibe! Highly recommend ✨”

“I’ve been in the Social Club Membership for 6 years now and the main reason I joined was because I wanted to feel a part of a community but also to keep up with all the updates Instagram brings to the platform.

I’ve learnt how to post with purpose by having a strategy and made incredible connections through networking at Social Club events. Signing up was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself!”


“My business has gone from 10 clients to 87 in 4 months, posting 4 times per week and earning $4k/week all from Instagram after I made the decision to structure it the way you taught me”
I post 4 times per week and 95% of my clients find me on Instagram! My reach grew from 2573 to 10.8K in just one week of being a member”

Right Meow, You have a Decision to Make

You can continue to feel stressed and overwhelmed by Instagram, or you can join us inside the Social Club Membership, make Instagram fun and shortcut your path to consistent sales!

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